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Life on the road. This is reality. 

Text 21 Sep 2 notes Rolling With the P Hill Harmony

Angeline by samuelscott

So this track is by me, Phil Bostwick (or P Hill Harmony the rapping enigma) and Jol Mulholland - the idea was, I had to co-write, record and mix a hot track in an hour with Phil. Basically to give C4 some funny content and in turn, promote my record at the time Straight Answer Machine. Obviously it was a stupid idea (mine of course) and almost completely impossible. Despite Phil feeling that I perhaps was a bit bossy and he didn’t get to contribute as much as would have liked, I think the track turned out great and Phils rapping at the climax of the tune is the best part. 

It was a few years ago now, I should have put the track up on myspace or something then but never got around to it. If I could have spent another hour on it I would edit out some of my vocal grunts, but Jol is a fantastic engineer and somehow the sound of the thing is actually pretty bloody good. As for the songwriting well, I had an hour ok? What did you expect ‘Sad Eyed Lady of The Lowlands’ or some shit?

Text 16 Sep 2 notes Unused film score - sounds like Eno

Rewi’s Dream by samuelscott

Just signed up for Souncloud (a few years late I know). It seems a great forum for dumping pieces of music that you like but don’t know what to do with. Here is a piece I recently made for a museum installation, which came a little TOO ambient and little too Eno if I am honest.

I like though, it soothes my mind grapes.  

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